Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hallow's ween!

ha ha halloween!

I love this holiday cause it's an excuse for kids to actually get and eat candy! At no cost! Also we get to think of the best childhood memories we have ever had like 'David Garrard dressed as a penguin, falling into a ditch on Canyon Road!' Or 'Luke Ashworth screaming his little 8th grade lungs out at the scary pumpkin up on Osmand Lane'. Whatever your story is, I KNOW you have at least one!

Also we get to dress up and pretend that we are something/someone else for 5-9 hrs of our lives!

But this halloween was different! I spent my time dressed up yes! I had plenty of free candy YES! I turned 22 YES! but the best part was, I got to do what I absolutely love on the day I love most! Play music! Our band got to play at Magleby's Grill and Oyester Bar! The place of my employment! And we played with Neon Trees! It was fantastic! Here are some photos!

I was a scout and we played our hearts out!

Love love!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Porque's" of Life

Well folks I'm back from my leave of absence. Where was I? Not anywhere new I suppose, well physically I wasn't anywhere else at least. These past few weeks have been really really tough on a guy like me. But my moto in life is to just keep smiling? I guess the next question is "Porque you haven't been blogging Mr. Ryan" and I say "Porque, I'm a lazy, busy son-of-a-gun."

Porque!?! we have things in our lives that stop us right in our tracks? That hit us so hard we fumble near the goal line? Porque we can just be left alone in our happy states of being, to fend with honor and dignity? Well, as soon as we get on top (and I'm not joking it's THE very moment we are teetering on the tippy tippy top) we suffer a pivotal shift in our speed and hit the downward spiral!

Sometimes we aren't the ones who get to answer our own "Porque's" we as beings usually have the priviledge of creating them. Answers schmansers! All we need to know is that there are few, at least a very few in our lives, who love us dearly! Things happen the way they happen! We just have to do as Mr. Ryan says and just keep on smiling! That's Porque!!!!



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The "Porque's" of life!

I have turned over a new leaf in my blog writing days. That leaf has to do with the direction I'm taking this little corner where I'm allowed to post the events of my life. Many people desire to stay caught up in eachother's lives.. wheather it be family, friends, colleagues. My main purpose for blogging is so that others can see what type of antics my friends and I are up to! I believe deep down that that is a legit reason to keep up post after post. But just walking around campus today I had an Epiphany if you will.. it went somthing like this in my mind.. (know that I'll never be able to tap into my mind and put it onto a screen.)

Ryan's Mind......

Wow!! That's a hot girl, she's rockin that cardigan better than anyone else out there!
*looking for new songs in ipod while giving a smile to the 'maroon caridgan rocker'. Found 'Hey Mercedes' band that used to get me running happy!
I wonder if I'll still like them!?! Oh yeah this rocks.. I need to blog these things! I'm gunna try and turn my blog in a new direction from now on and rememeber the best I can the awesome killer thoughts that come to my head while walking the campus here in Orem. I know what I'll call it.. the Porque's of Life!... now that that's settled let's get to the Library to blog it all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Backyard BBQ brings forth stardom!

To start off this little blog post, while sitting here on the fifth floor of the newly developed library at UVU, I'd like to paint a scene indeed. Picture this, girl, brunette, mid-twenties, sitting behind my left shoulder, her Biology book open, sipping a (GET THIS) "Diet Red Bull" through a straw.

Just thought you might wanna know that.

Well this weekend was as we'd say in Portuguese marcante! Absolutely fabulous are two words in the English dicionary that I'd use to pin point my feelings towards this past weekend's events. Friday night was our very first and (DEFINATLEY) not last show as a band. James Stewart, Coby Gerstner, Jamie Robison, Yours Truly and Bradley Clark make up as we are most recently called, Boo York. (name subject to change). Our dearest friend Whitney Olsen hosted a Backyard BBQ for her besties and invited us to be the nights entertainment. Lemme tell you we sold this place out! It was jammed with fans and listeners who brought an energy that could only lead one to stardom!

Band update, we are currently writing and trying to record our very own demo to get our local name out on the local scene. All you who frequent my blog we ask your input on 3 different names we're trying currently to agree on.

  1. Boo York

  2. Hello Helecopter

  3. Task. For. You.

Thanks for your help!

Also, just to top things off the rocker, after Friday's fiasco, Saturday brought forth an AMAZING college football game between the BYU Cougars and the UCLA Bruins. You better believe I was there in my All-Sports seats with my palls cheering our former classmates on! Congrats Cougars and may you be swiftly guided towards another "Happy Valley" victorious season!

For now I say tchau!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marching the good march..

Michelle Elise Hamblin; girl with ambition, dedicated to all aspects of life, beautiful, full of life and energy and brilliant will soon become Michelle Elise Cannon.

Yes minha gente my little baby sister is engaged! And boy are the Hamblin's excited! Especially Bob! For he is gaining another son (which will now upset the balance of males in the family) and loosing a penny or two! Michelle has always been a hot item here in Happy Valley and has, over the past few years, grown into a woman. I'm so proud of her as her older brother and best friend! We are all excited to add Brady into our lives!

Good luck you two and Congratulations!


Magleby's Grill and Oyester Bar

You folks are all staring at the Blogspot of the newest member of the Magleyb's team! Yep that is correct i landed a job at 'the grill down the street on the corner'. I'm thrilled, and upon being interviewed they slapped me with stack of papers which at first caused a bit of excitement. As of yesterday that excitement has subtlety turned into anxiety! Yesterday I took a stab at what is named the "Server Test". It was HARD! I thought that I'd see a test like this on a final or a mid-term. Well I blanked and shortly after had a sit down with "Keri-Pie" where she stressed the importance of the exam and sent me off to study for one more day. In t minus 1 hour and 50 min i'll be taking one more stab at this test! And the result is either job or no job. Pray for me soldiers.. pray hard!


ru fu dogg.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Battling the bitter bite!

We're back into August.. the one month that EVERYone my age has a hard time loving. Why? School...dreaded, long, challenging school! But there is an upside.. UvU has brought me some excitement so far after 1 week of attending! I'll tell ya why!

1. All my classes are with my best companion and friend Justin William Durrant (Sandy, UT).
2. I have a Yoga class with Vince, James, and Joonku!
3. I love Institute and am needing some more guidance in my life.
4. A hot girl in English class got my number on Wed. and she wasn't not cute.*

Well despite all the negativities that have followed me into school, these are the reasons why I like it. So it's not all that bad, no matter what anyone else may say. And when it's all over and I have a career and family to worry about, I'm 100% positive I will look back and wonder why I EVER thought this was hard. Family and friends.. ya'll stay classy!

Me with Seany Boy's Laptop studying hard.

*Funny story.. we're in English 1010 and having a great time, when the teacher asks us to get 3 different phone numbers of those in our class. She asked two specific rows to stand up and switch places. Well I was minding my business when I noticed a really really pretty girl stands up, having nothing to do with the specific sections, and walks across the room to park in the vacant seat next to me. Next thing you know I hear a "Hi, I'm Aubrey, it's Ryan right?" the reply, "yeah, how's it going" "good" she responded, "well my number is ###" Me, "that's 801 right?" her"no, it's ###, I'm from California" me, "oh, so it's 801 right?" her, "no it's ###" me, "oh, cool what's the rest"? she then proceeds to telling me the rest and we're off to stardom!

Thanks girl for making me feel like 1,000,000 dollars!

p.s. I got a Job at Magleby's!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Give the tiger his babies bottle...

I'm sad that you folks have all been getting on my back about posting the "Salsa on Ryan Video" from the beach house.. well here you go.. just to keep my readers entertained..

Fourth and Final..

School School School.

I've been known my whole life as an easy going, goofy guy. Maybe i've become an icon to some, a sad influence to others, but I know that as far as I'm concerened the future is bright. I've learned that no matter what we see in the distance, on the horizon, or what we can't even see at all can be really terrifying. That's why at this very moment.. I've nervous as to see what the outcome of my new schedule will be as I will be attending Utah Valley University. I know it's no big deal, but now is the time to start taking education seriously.

Folks I've had the best summer of my life. Nothing could ever compare to the times I've shared with not only my friends but my AMAZING family as well. The Summer of Sunset Hunters has honestly become the "Catcher of my Rye". Working full time, and playing full time it's just going to be a tough thing for me to calm down and focus on what's ahead. Wish me luck! Love ya all.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beeeeeeech HOWS two thawsand and aaaate!

These have been days never to be forgotten! The "Oxnard Party Beach House" was absolutely insane in the year 2008! The Hamblin family was joined by some expected and well flavored guests such as.. James Adam Robison and Brady "Middle Name Witheld" Cannon! We had some heartaches... some great waves.... many meaty hearty meals followed by the desserts of a life time, while these two new commers have recently found their ways into the Hamblin's hearts. Inn 'N Out 3 times, Wood Ranch BBQ., Chipotle, El Pollo Loco, Heidi's amazing shredded chicken tacos, and Uncle Bill's incredible BBQ Tri-Tip steaks were just part of the vacation's menu! Not to mention all of Mel and Bill's Cherry Diet Cokes! It was incredible to see the 'bonding' that took place this year with many long stroles along the shores of Ventura County, a few gut wrenching games of Balderdash only sending our thoughts to the one living truth that our family is the greatest!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My fairwheather fans

I love you all.. who support me kindly enough to be actually reading this blog. I love you all sincerely.

Well life for me has been fantissssssssssimo lately.. Last week me and a bunch of buddies took the liberty of enthusing our ear-drums at a

"Death Cab for Cutie - Tegan and Sarah" concert.

Hunger struck and torn for options (and, might I add, being all the way up in Lehi) "Chadder's" the "Inn-N-Out" rip off was discovered unopened. So settling into our "Taco Bell" experience we all felt great and ready to head the night off with happiness.

The weekend came with a great bang as all of our friends gathered for some soccer and fire. The soccer was great but the fire I didn't attend do to some other great times with my pal Christi. Yes I had a date on Friday night and I did ask her out over Txt Message! I feel very big about that so sass off!

I also shaved this weekend making me very sad, but filling me with joy all the same for I recieved a few great compliments from the lady folk!

But I believe that the most important part of the last 168 hrs of my fun filled life is the great times I've spent on my online gaming experience.

I've found some struggles in hiding what I have been doing for the past month or so, so I have just realized.. 'why hide my passions'. Does it really matter what people think? I don't believe it matters unless those people are girls.

My mother doesn't want me playing WoW but I know that deep down she thinks 'Hey, it IS just a game'. After having those thoughts a better more interesting one even enters her mind. 'Wow, my son got this new gun, I bet he is absolutely pwning in PvP and in instances right now. And you know what mother.. I am.

So to all you "Fair-weather" I solute your worries and courage for standing up to me! I love you all very much! And am looking forward to spending some quality time with you and my new "Boomstick" Love

Ryan Lee Hamblin

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm on FIRE!!!

You know those days when everything seems to get in your way? well.... today seems to be "one of those days!"

1.) On my way to work (in the Jeep I am about to purchase) I ran a red light and got a ticket! That didn't get me down!

2.) On my 13th lawn of the day (while letting some Abra Moore slide smoothly down my ear canals) a lady comes out to tell me what I horrible job I'm doing. I just let it slide of as smooth as those "Abra Lyrics'

3.) On finding out that no Key is necessary in starting the Jeep, Reed from work tends to make some snide jealous sounding comments about the Jeep. I stay happy... now its onto adventure with some soccer and sassing!

p.s. Joon's Mustache is real!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why one blogs

I blog they way I do so I can have a justification of not keeping a journal.. very interesting indeed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bash times bring forth bad breath and broken bones!

6:15am Arise
7:00am Clock in at Stewarts Pest Control and Lawn Service
7:52am Arive at first job, in Alpine, seeing the 3inches of snow on the grass and almost weaping
8:03am Phone call from JD getting new jobs in "Eagle Mountain"
11:34am Phone call from Coby as I start my lunch brake (excitment starts here)
11:39am Realize that I have already eaten my ENTIRE lunch and settle in for a nappy (Excitment escapes me)
5:15pm Arive at home to eat some fiddles (Steak Tacos made by Jane, excitement returns)
6:55pm Soccer game (excitement dies out seeing Juan escorted from Timpanogas Indoor Facility in Lindon)
9:15pm Softball game (much to my amusment a win was pulled out) I batted 500
10:58pm Blog it all on Blogspot

Some details were definately left out but on the hole.. a good long day that brings me back to my mission tims!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Smashin Weekends start with a bam...

and thats where we are left! A great weekend gone by, ready for us to start a NEW week! Friday was great with an eventful party at my friend David Lewis' house.. I was very good to see David, and others as well as get our eyes opened to some classic good ol' fashioned fun.

Saturday came with some great Conference, soccer/softball in between and then afterwards a trip to downtown Provo for some sassy, sweaty and salty dance moves! It was hoppin' and we hope to see some great weekends in the near future. (I speak we as in the buds and I). Love you!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Look at my links for these two websites! Thanks

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I feel guided...

As many of you viewers know I am a recently returned missionary who labored in Pernambuco Brazil for the last 2years! It was fantastic... I just wanted let you all know that it was, and remains to be the ONLY and single most greatest accomplishment of my existence.

I have been in a slump lately trying to figure out life again (as things are a little backwards). And on Sunday I had the best back-to-back lessons in church about specific topics that were guided directly to me! Then just the other day, I listened to General Conference on my Ipod while at work. And the talks were just for me! Now I'm happy again. Don't ever want this Blog to become a serious place, but today has been a GREAT day in the life of Ry.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sprayin away

Entertain me... something that comes easy to many people and products I find these days. Its not that I am stupid or mentally handicapped or just plain retarded, I just feel that it is really easy for me to be entertained by simple things. But lately I have found (due to Coby and Jamie) a new form of entertainment! Podcasts!

This American Life has made me a new person! Im proud of who I've become and who I will continue to become as I listen to these Podcasts! I love them and there is nothing in this world to do to stop that!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad day going to better getting to BEST

Well yesterday was just a great day... but it didn't start out that way.

So I got to work.. expecting to have an easy day.. (I work at "Stewart's Lawn Care" as a certified 'Pesticide Applicator') I had a few big jobs up in the Alpine-Highland area, boy was I wrong. I got done perfectly with my first lawn and headed over with ease to my second. I spoke with the home owner and I was, what seemed to be, on my way. When I pulled the trigger on my fertilizing gun... nothing. A few drops drizzled out and I remember thinking at the time that I could've used the bathroom faster than what my pressure on my truck was giving me. What was I to do???!?!?! I was basically stranded for about an hour until my man Reed showed up with Mike to fix the problem.

Well about 15 jobs in I got a surprise visit from my Manager of Technicians' Jason, who had a spanking new truck with him... long story short I was finishing my day in style! YEAH YEAH... but in that truck I could tell that someone had been FARTING all day long! That was one SMELLY truck.. but I didn't care.. my day had gotten just a little bit better.

After work I got my brothers scooter and played some soccer with Coby and Jamie seeing Jamie's new outstanding cleats he had recently purchased for our new soccer team that will start tomorrow. (That boy will be playing in style if you know what I mean). And while this was all happening I received a TXT message from Lauren Francis wanting me to confirm our date for the evening. With a sly reply I got her address and a few hours later I had picked her up and we were on our way to Guru's.

Nate played an amazing set as my Veggie Burrito slowly made its way down my bowls and I am pleased to say that Lauren and I had an excellent time..

That was my day... not action packed at all but many of you were wondering so there you have it!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Joon Ku

At this current moment in TIME I am wearing a shirt with Joon Ku's upper torso on it. The shirt is white, and placed in the middle is John Karl Sorenson wearing a shirt with a man that says "MetroSexual" on it. Strategically put on both of the characters are a pair of Pilots sun glasses! Now you know my descriptions, my positions and intuitions. Please.. please... please....!