Friday, March 21, 2008

Sprayin away

Entertain me... something that comes easy to many people and products I find these days. Its not that I am stupid or mentally handicapped or just plain retarded, I just feel that it is really easy for me to be entertained by simple things. But lately I have found (due to Coby and Jamie) a new form of entertainment! Podcasts!

This American Life has made me a new person! Im proud of who I've become and who I will continue to become as I listen to these Podcasts! I love them and there is nothing in this world to do to stop that!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad day going to better getting to BEST

Well yesterday was just a great day... but it didn't start out that way.

So I got to work.. expecting to have an easy day.. (I work at "Stewart's Lawn Care" as a certified 'Pesticide Applicator') I had a few big jobs up in the Alpine-Highland area, boy was I wrong. I got done perfectly with my first lawn and headed over with ease to my second. I spoke with the home owner and I was, what seemed to be, on my way. When I pulled the trigger on my fertilizing gun... nothing. A few drops drizzled out and I remember thinking at the time that I could've used the bathroom faster than what my pressure on my truck was giving me. What was I to do???!?!?! I was basically stranded for about an hour until my man Reed showed up with Mike to fix the problem.

Well about 15 jobs in I got a surprise visit from my Manager of Technicians' Jason, who had a spanking new truck with him... long story short I was finishing my day in style! YEAH YEAH... but in that truck I could tell that someone had been FARTING all day long! That was one SMELLY truck.. but I didn't care.. my day had gotten just a little bit better.

After work I got my brothers scooter and played some soccer with Coby and Jamie seeing Jamie's new outstanding cleats he had recently purchased for our new soccer team that will start tomorrow. (That boy will be playing in style if you know what I mean). And while this was all happening I received a TXT message from Lauren Francis wanting me to confirm our date for the evening. With a sly reply I got her address and a few hours later I had picked her up and we were on our way to Guru's.

Nate played an amazing set as my Veggie Burrito slowly made its way down my bowls and I am pleased to say that Lauren and I had an excellent time..

That was my day... not action packed at all but many of you were wondering so there you have it!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Joon Ku

At this current moment in TIME I am wearing a shirt with Joon Ku's upper torso on it. The shirt is white, and placed in the middle is John Karl Sorenson wearing a shirt with a man that says "MetroSexual" on it. Strategically put on both of the characters are a pair of Pilots sun glasses! Now you know my descriptions, my positions and intuitions. Please.. please... please....!