Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The "Porque's" of life!

I have turned over a new leaf in my blog writing days. That leaf has to do with the direction I'm taking this little corner where I'm allowed to post the events of my life. Many people desire to stay caught up in eachother's lives.. wheather it be family, friends, colleagues. My main purpose for blogging is so that others can see what type of antics my friends and I are up to! I believe deep down that that is a legit reason to keep up post after post. But just walking around campus today I had an Epiphany if you will.. it went somthing like this in my mind.. (know that I'll never be able to tap into my mind and put it onto a screen.)

Ryan's Mind......

Wow!! That's a hot girl, she's rockin that cardigan better than anyone else out there!
*looking for new songs in ipod while giving a smile to the 'maroon caridgan rocker'. Found 'Hey Mercedes' band that used to get me running happy!
I wonder if I'll still like them!?! Oh yeah this rocks.. I need to blog these things! I'm gunna try and turn my blog in a new direction from now on and rememeber the best I can the awesome killer thoughts that come to my head while walking the campus here in Orem. I know what I'll call it.. the Porque's of Life!... now that that's settled let's get to the Library to blog it all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Backyard BBQ brings forth stardom!

To start off this little blog post, while sitting here on the fifth floor of the newly developed library at UVU, I'd like to paint a scene indeed. Picture this, girl, brunette, mid-twenties, sitting behind my left shoulder, her Biology book open, sipping a (GET THIS) "Diet Red Bull" through a straw.

Just thought you might wanna know that.

Well this weekend was as we'd say in Portuguese marcante! Absolutely fabulous are two words in the English dicionary that I'd use to pin point my feelings towards this past weekend's events. Friday night was our very first and (DEFINATLEY) not last show as a band. James Stewart, Coby Gerstner, Jamie Robison, Yours Truly and Bradley Clark make up as we are most recently called, Boo York. (name subject to change). Our dearest friend Whitney Olsen hosted a Backyard BBQ for her besties and invited us to be the nights entertainment. Lemme tell you we sold this place out! It was jammed with fans and listeners who brought an energy that could only lead one to stardom!

Band update, we are currently writing and trying to record our very own demo to get our local name out on the local scene. All you who frequent my blog we ask your input on 3 different names we're trying currently to agree on.

  1. Boo York

  2. Hello Helecopter

  3. Task. For. You.

Thanks for your help!

Also, just to top things off the rocker, after Friday's fiasco, Saturday brought forth an AMAZING college football game between the BYU Cougars and the UCLA Bruins. You better believe I was there in my All-Sports seats with my palls cheering our former classmates on! Congrats Cougars and may you be swiftly guided towards another "Happy Valley" victorious season!

For now I say tchau!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marching the good march..

Michelle Elise Hamblin; girl with ambition, dedicated to all aspects of life, beautiful, full of life and energy and brilliant will soon become Michelle Elise Cannon.

Yes minha gente my little baby sister is engaged! And boy are the Hamblin's excited! Especially Bob! For he is gaining another son (which will now upset the balance of males in the family) and loosing a penny or two! Michelle has always been a hot item here in Happy Valley and has, over the past few years, grown into a woman. I'm so proud of her as her older brother and best friend! We are all excited to add Brady into our lives!

Good luck you two and Congratulations!


Magleby's Grill and Oyester Bar

You folks are all staring at the Blogspot of the newest member of the Magleyb's team! Yep that is correct i landed a job at 'the grill down the street on the corner'. I'm thrilled, and upon being interviewed they slapped me with stack of papers which at first caused a bit of excitement. As of yesterday that excitement has subtlety turned into anxiety! Yesterday I took a stab at what is named the "Server Test". It was HARD! I thought that I'd see a test like this on a final or a mid-term. Well I blanked and shortly after had a sit down with "Keri-Pie" where she stressed the importance of the exam and sent me off to study for one more day. In t minus 1 hour and 50 min i'll be taking one more stab at this test! And the result is either job or no job. Pray for me soldiers.. pray hard!


ru fu dogg.