Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My fairwheather fans

I love you all.. who support me kindly enough to be actually reading this blog. I love you all sincerely.

Well life for me has been fantissssssssssimo lately.. Last week me and a bunch of buddies took the liberty of enthusing our ear-drums at a

"Death Cab for Cutie - Tegan and Sarah" concert.

Hunger struck and torn for options (and, might I add, being all the way up in Lehi) "Chadder's" the "Inn-N-Out" rip off was discovered unopened. So settling into our "Taco Bell" experience we all felt great and ready to head the night off with happiness.

The weekend came with a great bang as all of our friends gathered for some soccer and fire. The soccer was great but the fire I didn't attend do to some other great times with my pal Christi. Yes I had a date on Friday night and I did ask her out over Txt Message! I feel very big about that so sass off!

I also shaved this weekend making me very sad, but filling me with joy all the same for I recieved a few great compliments from the lady folk!

But I believe that the most important part of the last 168 hrs of my fun filled life is the great times I've spent on my online gaming experience.

I've found some struggles in hiding what I have been doing for the past month or so, so I have just realized.. 'why hide my passions'. Does it really matter what people think? I don't believe it matters unless those people are girls.

My mother doesn't want me playing WoW but I know that deep down she thinks 'Hey, it IS just a game'. After having those thoughts a better more interesting one even enters her mind. 'Wow, my son got this new gun, I bet he is absolutely pwning in PvP and in instances right now. And you know what mother.. I am.

So to all you "Fair-weather" I solute your worries and courage for standing up to me! I love you all very much! And am looking forward to spending some quality time with you and my new "Boomstick" Love

Ryan Lee Hamblin