Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake is

number one in the nation

I saw the cup won!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Milf and a Pea Coat, and You're Invited


Days pass, some we remember but others we REALLY remember. And yesterday fell itself into a beautiful little bundle of REALLY. Events were, packaged, unique and dug themselves into a satisfying portion of my heart. Upon arise, pancake breakfast was underway. I saw Clint kill a bird with a pellet gun, and it was one of the cooler things ever. I sassed Keve only after he sassed me. I played Halo with Deven. I went to J-Dawgs. I went to Heber where Mearns crashed on a long board. I went Tracting with Clint to promote our huge party. Then I saw "Where the Wild Things Are".

It's perfectly safe to say it was my favorite day of the Fall so far.

I love you


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Finally I found somebody in my English class that writes, in the English language.


Thing is this person is actually a girl, and she's kinda cute.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Progressive Realization

In life, we progress, age, regress but don't get any younger. This fact points out the interesting verdict that perpetually we are moving towards something. I know what that something is, although I haven't always caught sight of it in my life.

Many people search their entire lives trying to find what their specific purpose is. We are blinded naturally so we don't have exact answers as to what this purpose may be. Alone, we will never find our purpose. And if you're not progressing towards finding this purpose, you are alone.

I have been alone, many times in my life; I never wish it upon you.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Fling Sting

I'm back. Home. Ready for advancement towards real happiness!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poetry Slam Dunk

If you've never been to a poetry slam, (much like myself) you can find one near by each Sunday evening.

Today I wore my Barcelona Jersey. I wear it on days that I think will be good days.

After seeing two movies in the theater today, I will consider today to be a good day.

I love the team Barcelona but even more, I love what the jersey represents. A true friend.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Nerf Guns

"Sleepy Ridge Golf Course", they do big events. "Magleby's Grill and Oyster Bar", they cater.

I work for "Magleby's", therefore I worked my shift tonight at the golf course club house. It was fun, it's nice being away from the regular routine of serving tables. But my feet hurt.

Big show in a week from tomorrow, prepare your souls.


Mind the Wind

Haven't been able to write myself a spot into your hearts for a while. Here I am. Living in a little white house, with my green car, black sweater, plaid backpack and blue sky hangs overhead.

I'm having fun with my band, and a select handful of roommates, plus the loaf of bread mother gave me. I like my room, it's clean. My band has a show a week from Tomorrow. I hope to see all you who love there! I watched a movie called "Shrink". it was good
Love, Ryan

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finding Adventure Again

One might eagerly argue that finding adventure could be an easy thing to do. One could tell you that adventure is not to be found in the "Happy Valley". One might also argue that life's captivating moments are dusted everywhere on this valley's benches. I say, there is adventure wherever you make it!

Take church for example:
When Jacob and I are subject to material that we don't find interesting, we find adventure staring into down into my camera phone. Poised with such deep intention these two youngsters have found adventure even in the Lord's house.

There exists in this world a sport known as skiing :

While all the kids our age are starting their new semesters at BYU, Cousin and I take the day to our advantage of free slopes and brand new snow at Sundance! Believe me this little park found its adventure!

*Kevin did eat crap on this one folks.... :)

Bre Sifuentes' home is jam packed with "sweet brohs" on Sunday nights:

Sunday night's can only be summed up at adventurous when you add in some sweet brohs, some cheezy carmely popcorn snacks, and board games. Totally adventurous!

You see here in Provo, Utah we can find adventure! It really lies around, but as we cannot see it sometimes, we must create it!

Love Love Live!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 'Porques' of MY life!

Well folks apologies multiple apologies shall I be making at this moment to the select few of y'all who are interested in what this certain 22-year-old might have to say. I see it fitting to let you all know that contrary to popular opinion I am not passed onto another realm of post-mortal existence (well at least to my knowledge). I'm still alive, and kicking and screaming to boot. Life has been pretty nuts as of late folks. Pretty Nuts indeed. You see I've found a new habit, one that I find quite intriguing. Every single night I lie down for bed, I turn on my Lap-top and watch TV-Series' of all different kinds. One night I finished all of season 2 of Gossip Girl and went straight to work afterward. Ha I know disgusting, very disgusting.

Well in the last few months, I have (note; this list does not necessarily include everything) played, jammed, slammed, worked, cried, laughed, found love again, lost love again, slacked, joked, spoke foreign tongues, drawn, punched, finished 1st, chew chewed, kissed, cuddled, stunk, rocked, smiled, planned, opened, closed, been yelled at by Richard, sassed by Jon, loved by many, sassed by Doc, sassed by Coby, Joon, James, Jamie, and Nate, ate churrasco, ate a Monte Cristo, seen defeat, risen above, fallen flat, woken up at 530, danced till the new year came, landed a 180 and wrote about it all on Blogspot.

For now I might have to say that is a list of some exciting things that have happend to this soldier. One thing you must know is that I love you all deeply. Your support and love has always made me into the being I am today! I make you all a promise (one I probably wont keep) to blog more with updates of fantastic fun filled adventures!