Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Porque's" of Life

Well folks I'm back from my leave of absence. Where was I? Not anywhere new I suppose, well physically I wasn't anywhere else at least. These past few weeks have been really really tough on a guy like me. But my moto in life is to just keep smiling? I guess the next question is "Porque you haven't been blogging Mr. Ryan" and I say "Porque, I'm a lazy, busy son-of-a-gun."

Porque!?! we have things in our lives that stop us right in our tracks? That hit us so hard we fumble near the goal line? Porque we can just be left alone in our happy states of being, to fend with honor and dignity? Well, as soon as we get on top (and I'm not joking it's THE very moment we are teetering on the tippy tippy top) we suffer a pivotal shift in our speed and hit the downward spiral!

Sometimes we aren't the ones who get to answer our own "Porque's" we as beings usually have the priviledge of creating them. Answers schmansers! All we need to know is that there are few, at least a very few in our lives, who love us dearly! Things happen the way they happen! We just have to do as Mr. Ryan says and just keep on smiling! That's Porque!!!!