Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hallow's ween!

ha ha halloween!

I love this holiday cause it's an excuse for kids to actually get and eat candy! At no cost! Also we get to think of the best childhood memories we have ever had like 'David Garrard dressed as a penguin, falling into a ditch on Canyon Road!' Or 'Luke Ashworth screaming his little 8th grade lungs out at the scary pumpkin up on Osmand Lane'. Whatever your story is, I KNOW you have at least one!

Also we get to dress up and pretend that we are something/someone else for 5-9 hrs of our lives!

But this halloween was different! I spent my time dressed up yes! I had plenty of free candy YES! I turned 22 YES! but the best part was, I got to do what I absolutely love on the day I love most! Play music! Our band got to play at Magleby's Grill and Oyester Bar! The place of my employment! And we played with Neon Trees! It was fantastic! Here are some photos!

I was a scout and we played our hearts out!

Love love!