Friday, August 29, 2008

Battling the bitter bite!

We're back into August.. the one month that EVERYone my age has a hard time loving. Why? School...dreaded, long, challenging school! But there is an upside.. UvU has brought me some excitement so far after 1 week of attending! I'll tell ya why!

1. All my classes are with my best companion and friend Justin William Durrant (Sandy, UT).
2. I have a Yoga class with Vince, James, and Joonku!
3. I love Institute and am needing some more guidance in my life.
4. A hot girl in English class got my number on Wed. and she wasn't not cute.*

Well despite all the negativities that have followed me into school, these are the reasons why I like it. So it's not all that bad, no matter what anyone else may say. And when it's all over and I have a career and family to worry about, I'm 100% positive I will look back and wonder why I EVER thought this was hard. Family and friends.. ya'll stay classy!

Me with Seany Boy's Laptop studying hard.

*Funny story.. we're in English 1010 and having a great time, when the teacher asks us to get 3 different phone numbers of those in our class. She asked two specific rows to stand up and switch places. Well I was minding my business when I noticed a really really pretty girl stands up, having nothing to do with the specific sections, and walks across the room to park in the vacant seat next to me. Next thing you know I hear a "Hi, I'm Aubrey, it's Ryan right?" the reply, "yeah, how's it going" "good" she responded, "well my number is ###" Me, "that's 801 right?" her"no, it's ###, I'm from California" me, "oh, so it's 801 right?" her, "no it's ###" me, "oh, cool what's the rest"? she then proceeds to telling me the rest and we're off to stardom!

Thanks girl for making me feel like 1,000,000 dollars!

p.s. I got a Job at Magleby's!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Give the tiger his babies bottle...

I'm sad that you folks have all been getting on my back about posting the "Salsa on Ryan Video" from the beach house.. well here you go.. just to keep my readers entertained..

Fourth and Final..

School School School.

I've been known my whole life as an easy going, goofy guy. Maybe i've become an icon to some, a sad influence to others, but I know that as far as I'm concerened the future is bright. I've learned that no matter what we see in the distance, on the horizon, or what we can't even see at all can be really terrifying. That's why at this very moment.. I've nervous as to see what the outcome of my new schedule will be as I will be attending Utah Valley University. I know it's no big deal, but now is the time to start taking education seriously.

Folks I've had the best summer of my life. Nothing could ever compare to the times I've shared with not only my friends but my AMAZING family as well. The Summer of Sunset Hunters has honestly become the "Catcher of my Rye". Working full time, and playing full time it's just going to be a tough thing for me to calm down and focus on what's ahead. Wish me luck! Love ya all.